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Critical Currents in Islam Media Roundup (August 14 -27)

By Jordi Bernabeu Farrús via Creative Commons By Jordi Bernabeu Farrús via Creative Commons

August 14 - 27

Organizer: Virginia Rally an Affront to People in Dearborn, AP News
More than one hundred people, including Muslim and Christian congregational leaders, participated in a gathering in Dearborn.
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‘Meet a Muslim’ Events Hope to Dispel Misconceptions, AP News
Question and answer sessions are expanding nationwide, intending to breakdown stereotypes and build positive relationships.
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Editing the Qurʾān in Sixteenth- and Seventeenth-Century Europe, Institute for Advanced Study
Roberto Tottoli describes European scholars’ attempts to translate and understand the Qur’an.
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Hindu Today, Muslim Tomorrow, The Atlantic
Pakistan has witnessed an increasing fear of forced conversions among its Hindu community.
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Like most Americans, U.S. Muslims concerned about extremism in the name of Islam, Pew Research Center
Eight in ten Muslim Americans are concerned about extremism in the name of Islam, mirroring the larger American public.
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Conversions from Islam in Europe and Beyond, NY Times
Faisal Devji discusses the disparate forms of conversion among Muslim populations.
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Help Is at Hand, Qantara
Nedad Memic discusses the lack of awareness of Bosnian Muslims when discussing Islam.
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Americans May Be More Tolerant of Muslims Than Ever, The Wall Street Journal
Support for Muslims in America has been on the rise according to a survey.
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Muslim Scholars and Autocrats (Part I), Huffington Post
Usaama al-Azami discusses responses to secular and religious autocracies, and the abuses regimes commit.
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More than 100 cross-party politicians demand action over ‘Muslim Problem’ article in Sun newspaper, The Independent
The open letter, signed by 107 members of Parliament, rebuked the Sun for printing an anti-Islam article by a former editor.
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Indonesia Clinic Gives Relief to Muslims with Tattoo Regrets, AP News
The clinic provides the free service in exchange for patients memorizing the fifty-fifth Surah.
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FBI Offers $30K Reward for Info in Minnesota Mosque Bombing, AP News
A further twenty-four thousand dollars in rewards are being offered by Muslim advocacy groups and area mosques.
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Suffolk Man Who Wanted to Be a Martyr Pleads Guilty to Trying to Aid the Islamic State, The Virginian-Pilot
Lionel Nelson Williams faces up to twenty years in prison over plans to attack police forces.
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Maryland Man Pleads Guilty to Supporting Islamic State, AP News
Mohamed Elshinawy pledged allegiance to the self-proclaimed Islamic State and received financial support for a domestic attack.
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How Pew Research Center Conducted Its 2017 Survey of Muslim Americans, Pew Research Center
Pew Research Center experts explain their research methodology behind PEW’s 2017 American Muslim survey.
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The female face of Islamic law in Malaysia, Al Jazeera
Liz Gooch discusses the increasing presence of women in the field of law in Malaysia.
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Muslim youth group combating Islamophobia by raising £500,000 for charity with single event, The Independent
The charity event, organized by the Ahamadiyya Muslim Youth Association (AMYA), is meant to promote peace and combat Islamophobia.
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Lebanon repeals law that allowed rapists to escape justice by marrying victim, The Guardian
The abolition of Article 522 follows repeals of similar laws in Jordan and Tunisia; activists hope the trend will continue in other regional states.
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The hijab is not for children. It was right to drop these distasteful images, The Guardian
Writer Amina Lone argues the image of a Muslim child in hijab used in Transport for London’s traffic awareness campaign was wrong and it was right to cancel the campaign.
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Israel to charge family of Palestinian who killed three settlers for failing to stop him, The Independent
Five members of Omar al-Abed have been charged with “failing to prevent a crime;” the family home was also demolished.
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Australian Senator Wears Burqa in Parliament to Push for Ban, NY Times
Senator Pauline Hanson of the far-right One Nation party received a swift rebuke from Attorney General George Brandis.
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Trump’s double standard for white supremacists and Muslims, Washington Post
Writer Wajahat Ali examines President Trump’s “both sides” comment and the double-standards it carries for Muslims.
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Saudi Arabia Reopens Qatar Border for Hajj Pilgrims, AP News
The border opening comes during a dispute between Saudi Arabia and its allies and Qatar.
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Charge: Man curses Somali merchants at Willmar market, throws pig's foot at them, The Star-Tribune
Joe F. Fernkes has been charged with a misdemeanor, while the Council on American-Muslim Relations called for him to be charged with a hate crime.
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Court Holds Islamist Liable for $3.2 Million Damages After Timbuktu Destruction, Reuters
A three-judge panel at the International Criminal Court ruled against Amad al-Faqi al-Mahdi, who is additionally serving a nine-year sentence.
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India’s Muslims and the Price of Partition, NY Times
Author Ajaz Ashraf discusses the similarities between the fears of the Muslim League in the 1930s and fears among the modern Muslim-Indian community.
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Between Swimming And S'mores, Young Muslim Campers Learn To Cope With Rising Hate, NPR
NPR reports on the history and current dynamics of a Muslim summer camp that started in 1961.
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New National Council to Issue Progressive Rulings for Britain's Muslims, The Guardian
Several religious leaders are forming a national body to issue rulings placing Islam in a British context.
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Dean Obeidallah Is Suing The Daily Stormer Over Claim He Planned Manchester Bombing, Forbes
Prominent Muslim comic sues pro-Nazi publication over terrorism link claims.
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The Sun can't pretend saying we have a 'Muslim Problem' isn't reminiscent of Nazi propaganda, The Independent
The Sun’s controversial cover continues to draw criticism.
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Inaccurate or Misleading News Stories About Muslims Have Been Shared Hundreds Of Thousands Of Times This Year, Buzzfeed News
Buzzfeed reporters find Muslims have a real “false news” problem.
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The politics of Hajj quotas: 'What would Allah say to this?', Middle East Eye
Hajj quotas, based on population, have created a black market for visas and led to accusations of political interference and excess political influence.
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In Barcelona, a heartening rejection of Islamophobia, Washington Post
An inquiry into whether Barcelona fared better than its neighbors following the terror attack.
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August 21 - 27

The Online Abuse Hurled at Malaysia’s Muslim Women, The BBC 
Malay-Muslim women are facing a trend of social media abuse, possibly as an outgrowth of the culture of “minding your neighbour’s business."
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Palestinians decry arrest of Islamic movement leader, Al Jazeera 
Arrested on 15 August in northern Israel, Sheikh Raed Salah has been charged with inciting violence and supporting a banned organization.
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Muslim Divorce Law ‘Unconstitutional’, Rules India’s Top Court, Reuters
Opposition to “triple talaq” united Muslims scholars, Muslim women, and Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Bharatiya Janata Party.
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Row over haj pilgrimage helps fuel Qatar rift, Reuters
Qatar and Saudi Arabia have accused each other of politicizing the annual pilgrimage, likely signaling the end of any easing of tensions after the limited border opening.
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Fatima Ahmed Ibrahim Obituary, The Guardian
Ibrahim was a long-time champion of women’s rights and the first female member of the Sudanese parliament.
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Number of Qatari pilgrims entering via Salwa border reaches 700, Alarabiya
At least seven hundred people have crossed from Qatar into Saudi Arabia ahead of the hajj.
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Saudi Arabia’s ‘War on Terror’ Is Now Targeting Saudi Shiites, Foreign Policy
Violence broke out in the Eastern Province town of Awamiya over the planned destruction of the Musawara neighborhood, fueling claims of government repression of Saudi Shiites.
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The Long Shadow of al-Andalus, Foreign Policy
The "liberation" of southern Spain has become a prominent goal on Da’esh websites.
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The Battle for al-Aqsa ‘Has Just Started’, Al Jazeera
Given the absence of any political leadership, what made the al-Aqsa Mosque protests last month a success?
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Hajj 2017: When Is It and How Long Does It Take?, Al Jazeera
The dates for the five-day Hajj pilgrimage to Mecca have been officially announced after moon sighting on 22 August.
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Saudi Arabia Declares Eid al-Adha on September 1, Al Jazeera
Saudi Arabia officially declares Friday, 1 September the first day of Eid al-Adha 2017.
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French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo courts more controversy with new cartoon on Islam, France 24
In the aftermath of the Barcelona attacks, Charlie Hebdo has published a front-page cartoon that has been criticized as Islamophobic. 
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Swiss indict woman for 'jihadi traveling', Reuters
The woman had been arrested at the Zurich airport in January 2016.
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Traumatized by Boko Haram violence, women seek counseling to help them cope, Reuters
The Neem Foundation runs counseling programs for the victims of Boko Haram’s campaigns, as well as deradicalization programs for former militants.
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‘The New Obama’: Will Abdul El-Sayed Be America’s First Muslim Governor?, The Guardian
The thirty-two-year-old charismatic Muslim doctor is running for governor of Michigan and in the process trying to change US politics
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MuslimGirl’s Amani Al-Khatahtbeh: ‘We Decided to Make the Conversation About Us’, The Guardian
The founder of the popular US-based online magazine for Muslim women talks about racism, Charlottesville and fighting Islamophobia in the wake of Trump.
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Inquiry calls relationship between UK government and Muslim community ‘broken’, Channel 4 News
The relationship between government and the Muslim community is ‘broken’ and must be ‘resolved’ – according to an 18-month inquiry which concluded this summer.
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Prison: A Sacred Space in American Islam, The Islamic Monthly
Reliance on mass incarceration as a response to crime has reached critical heights in recent decades.
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Alt-Right ‘America First’ Rallies Move Online After Boston ‘Free Speech’ Protest is Overrun, Newsweek
Sixty-seven planned rallies in thirty-six states that were meant to attract members of the so-called alt-right and other racist groups are moving online after a “free speech” rally on Saturday in Boston attended by white supremacists was drowned out by demonstrators.
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Inside A Summer Camp Where Kids Figure Out How To Be "Muslim In America", Buzzfeed
After the 9/11 attacks, the Muslim Youth Camp of California's leaders received a threat vowing to “come after the children with knives.” In the Trump era, their fears have only intensified.
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The Islam of Black Revolutionaries, Sapelo Square
In this edited excerpt, from Hakeem Muhammad’s blog by the same name, the author gives a historical account of what he provocatively describes as the “Islam of Black Revolutionaries.” He argues that Black revolutionary Islam is a long tradition rooted in a deep history of Black Muslim resistance to white supremacy. His position is that this is the work Black Muslims need to return to today.
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Spiritual Leader Calls on Doctors to Help Fleeing Iraqis, AP News
Through a Friday sermon read by his representative Sheikh Abdulmehdi al-Karbalai, Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani asked Iraqi medical workers to assist civilians fleeing the Tal Afar fighting.
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At Least 20 People Killed in Mosque Attack in Afghan Capital, AP News
The Islamic State claimed responsibility for the attack on the Shi’a mosque, which occurred during the Friday prayers.
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Saudi Cleric Condemns Inter-Muslim Conflict ahead of Pilgrimage, Reuters
Sheikh Saleh Mohammed al-Taleb, imam of the Grand Mosque in Mecca, criticized anyone creating ruptures within the Muslim community.
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Clear Progress for Integration of Muslims in Western Europe, Bertelsmann Stiftung
The Muslim population in Western Europe has been growing since the 1960s. In most countries, Muslims now make up more than five percent of the total population. Despite social tensions, integration is making clear progress. This is the central finding of our Religion Monitor 2017.
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Muslims assimilate well in Germany, even though many Germans don’t like them, a new study finds, The Washington Post
Muslim immigrants in Germany have an easier time finding a job and building a community than those in Switzerland, Austria, France and Britain.
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The never-ending argument over what is “real Islam”, The Economist
And how geopolitical events fuelled jihadis’ obsession with the apocalypse.
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