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Palestinian Bloggers and Activists' Statement in Solidarity with Razan Ghazzawi

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[The following statement was issued on 14 December 2011 by various Palestinian bloggers and activists in support of Razan Ghazzawi, a Syrian activist that was recently detained by the Syrian security forces and sentenced to fifteen years.]

We, a group of Palestinian bloggers and activists raise our voices loud and clear in solidarity with all the prisoners of the Great Syrian Revolution. We stand with all the prisoners, activists, artists, bloggers and others, all who are shouting in the streets or on various platforms demanding freedom and justice, while decrying the huge amount on injustice and oppression practiced by the Syrian regime for more than four decades.

We issue this statement in solidarity with all those Syrian activists, and with the blogger Razan Ghazzawi who was arrested on December 4th, on the Jordanian-Syrian crossing border. Razan was adamant in her support for the Palestinian cause. She was the first to stand in solidarity with the Palestinian bloggers who were not granted a visa to enter Tunisia in order to participate in the Arab Bloggers Conference. Razan posted a blog in 2008 during the massacre on Gaza titled, "The Idea of Solidarity with Gaza." She wrote, "I understand when Cubans, Brazilians, and Pakistanis stand in solidarity with Gaza. But what I do not understand is when Syrians, Lebanese, Jordanians, and also Palestinians in exile stand in solidarity. What is the meaning of solidarity in this context?”

Not only do we stand in solidarity with Razan and the other prisoners, but we also affirm that our destiny is one, our concerns are one, and our struggle is one. Palestine can never be free while the Arab people live under repressive and reactionary regimes. The road to a free Palestine comes with a free Syria, in which Syrians live in dignity. Freedom to all of the prisoners in the Syrian regime’s cells. Long live the Syrian Revolution, free from dictatorship, sectarianism, and foreign intervention.


Abir Kopty

Abrar Agil

Ahmed Fahoum

Ahmed Nimer

Alaa Abu Diab

Ali Abunimah

Ali AlMasri

Ali Bari

Amal Murtaja

Amani Ighbaria

Amra Amra

Anas Hamra

Asmaa AlGhoul

Bashar Lubbad

Budour Hasan

Dalia Ghorab

Dalia Othman

Deema AlSaafin

Diana Alzeer

Doa Ali

Fidaa Abu Assi

Hala AlSafadi

Hamza Elbuhaisi

Hanaa Mahameed

Huwaida Arraf

Ebaa Rezeq

Irene Nasser

Jalal AbuKhater

Khaled AlShihabi

Linah AlSaafin

Maath Musleh

Maha Rezeq

Maisaa Azayzeh

Majd Kayyal

Mariam Al-Barghouti

Meera AlBaba

Mira Nabulsi

Mohamed Jaradat

Nader Al-Khuzundar

Nadine Darwish

Nalan Al Sarraj

Nihal ElAlami

Nisreen Mazzawi

Ola Anan

Osama Ghorab

Osama Shomar

Rasha Hilwi

Rowan Abu-Shahla

Saed Karzoun

Saleh Dawabsheh

Thameena Husary

Yusra Jamous

4 comments for "Palestinian Bloggers and Activists' Statement in Solidarity with Razan Ghazzawi"


"injustice anywhere hurts justice everywhere" MLK

Monadel Herzallah wrote on December 15, 2011 at 12:19 AM

The woman in question did actually spread many unfounded stories on CNN by telephone. The result was that CNN stopped contacting her.

There is a big difference between a 'blogger' and an 'agitator.' If you wish to ignore the difference, you would be, too, an 'agitator.'

This may be acceptable to some, but it is important to note that agitators are not impartial, and therefore cannot be objective, period.

Hermann Helmholtz wrote on December 17, 2011 at 02:23 AM

Herman: Irrespective of whether a person is an agitator or not, they have the right to express themselves freely, the right not be dragged into the custody of state security, and the right to be charged with specific crimes and offered due process. Razan isn't being prosecuted in a civil court for liable or slander. She is being detained and prosecuted in a state security court for being part of movement calling for the fall of an authoritarian regime. Once can disagree with Razan and still take a stand against the brutal treatment she and the rest of the Syrian people are being subjected to. Your comment, sadly, is an apologetic for authoritarian violence. It's shameful.

Firas wrote on December 18, 2011 at 06:02 AM

Thank you to all the people who called for the release of thousands of detainees in Assad prisons.

I would like to clarify, in respond to Herman's comment, that I have not contacted CNN not once in my entire life. I have no idea who and why would anyone spread such lies.

Is it because I was born in the US, so automatically I have contacts with US mainstream media?

It's only sad to hear such voice justifying injustice entailing people, simple people, who found refuge in alternative forums, like internet, to express their views.

Thank you Jadaliyya for your support, long live revolutions!

Razan wrote on December 20, 2011 at 08:15 AM

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